Rt 20 Fire Fees

On April 12th, 1982, The Harrison County Commission approved the formation of the Rural Fire Protection District known as Quiet Dell RFPD. Nutter Fort Fire Department and Stonewood Volunteer Fire department have thus been responsible for answering alarms within in this district and for dispatching any alarms for any property contained within the boundary of the Quiet Dell Rural Fire Protection District as established by the Harrison County Commission. Since its formation in 1982, Nutter Fort and Stonewood have been serving the Quiet Dell Rural Fire Protection District at no cost to the residents they have served for over 40 years. Unfortunately, due to the rising costs as well as the state of the economy, the fire departments have approved the assessment of fire service fees to be able to continue serving the Quiet Dell RFPD. If you have any questions about the development of the fire service fees or about your billing, please contact either Leslie Cummings, Nutter Fort, at (304) 622-7713 ext. 102 or Crystal Johnson, Stonewood, at (304) 623-2919 ext. 3.

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